Professional Scrum Trainer Application

We expect PSTs to have a breadth of experience on and supporting Scrum Teams with real depth in at least one accountability, and to have experienced many challenges as well as real success with Scrum.

Click on your name in the top right of any webpage, access My Profile, ensure that you have required assessments completed associated on your profile, and paste URL here. Reach out to if you have multiple profiles that need to be combined.

You can select multiple languages with the Command or Windows key.

Names and email addresses for two people who can validate your Scrum experience listed below.

Consider the difference. Feel free to include an example to highlight the difference. Maximum 250 words for this section. As you answer the rest of the questions in this application, make sure you refer to Professional Scrum.

Highlight your BREADTH of experience with a brief list of your experience with Scrum. Example: February 2020, to November 2021: Scrum Master at ACME for ~25 Sprints spread across two teams. November 2021 to March 2022: Product Owner at Studio Inc for XXX Product for ~10 Sprint with one 1 team. Maximum 250 words for this section.

Share 5-7 short but specific stories that show different ways you have met the Prerequisite Professional Scrum Experience for becoming a PST. In each story, 1) Briefly describe the situation, often a challenge your team faced. 2) What did you do about it? Be specific with one or two actions taken. Saying I coached the stakeholders to trust the Scrum Team is not specific enough. 3) What happened next? Often this is action taken by others. 4) What was the outcome and impact of any changes? In other words, why should we care about this? 5) Connect the story to something you want students to learn in relation to Professional Scrum. Being concise is an important skill for a PST, so Maximum 2500 words for this section.

Show the value Scrum can bring to an organization and/or its customers. Things to address: 1) What was the starting point before the success? 2) What were the results of the success, and how was this measured? 3) How specifically did Scrum help enable this success? Include some detail here. 4) What was your involvement in bringing this success about? Maximum 500 words for this section.

Include number of courses, topics, duration, whether in-person or online, and key techniques. Sample answer: Delivered 10+ half-day Agile Fundamentals courses to 100+ students total. About half of these were in person. Delivered 5 one-day courses on x topic to 50 students total, virtually. Key techniques I use include…. Maximum 250 words for this section.

Briefly describe your motivations for becoming a PST. Maximum 250 words for this section.

If there is any additional information you would like to share, please enter it here. This could include articles, mentions in media, videos of teaching or speaking engagements, etc. Maximum 250 words for this section.